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Disciple Level Subscription

Choose between the Disciple Level and Master Level. The Master Level offers more advanced tools and resources for leaders. This subscription gives you access to the online school monthly webinars, and access to all archived classes. 

What's included?

• Access to Weekly Video Classes
• Live Q & A Zoom Calls
Every Sunday morning a new full length class is added to the course.

Every Thursday a new 15-20 minute leadership principal teaching is released to the course.

Every Wednesday night is mentoring night! You will get an invitation for a LIVE Q&A session on a zoom call with Dr. Crawford and other students in the school to answer all of your questions from the class released that week, as well as any questions you have about Christian life, relationship with God, or in ministry. 

Students discuss the class together with revelations and comments how God spoke to them through the teaching in the student community facebook group every week. Only paying students are permitted into the community group. 

Course contents

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