Legacy School's mission is to saturate the heart of every student with revelatory teaching that awakens them into the original intentions of God to produce manifest sons and daughters.
“My desire is that this school will bring a more authentic expression of Christianity to the earth.”
- Dr. Greg Crawford
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What is School Like?

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What is School Like?

  • School is 100% at your own pace! All classes are pre-recorded so it works great for our international students and our ministry leaders with busy schedules.

  • Legacy School uses a self-paced learning model, allowing students to progress through a full year of coursework at their own pace. This approach offers flexibility and personalization in learning.

    Self-paced learning can be particularly beneficial for students who need extra time to master certain subjects or who want to accelerate their progress through material they already know well. It also allows for a more personalized learning experience, as students can focus on the areas where they need the most help or challenge themselves with more advanced coursework.

  • Every Wednesday night is mentoring night! You will get an invitation for a LIVE Q&A session on a zoom call with Dr. Crawford and other students in the school to answer all of your questions from the class released that week, as well as any questions you have about Christian life, relationship with God, or in ministry. 

  • Students discuss the class together with revelations and comments how God spoke to them through the teaching in the student community facebook group every week. Only paying students are permitted into the community group. 

What's it like?

Legacy School was born out of Dr. Crawford's deep desire to raise up a generation of sons and daughters who would carry on his legacy and become the legacy of God in the earth. This vision burned in his heart and inspired him to create a program that would equip and mentor Christian leaders with a biblical foundation rooted in five-fold ministry. As a seasoned minister, leader, mentor, and international missionary, Dr. Crawford has seen firsthand the transformative power of the Kingdom of God and is passionate about helping his students become effective Christian leaders.

With a biblical foundation of five-fold ministry, Legacy School enables students to gain a deeper understanding of their faith, particularly with regard to the role and importance of the five-fold ministers (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers) in building up the church and advancing the Kingdom of God on earth.

Dr. Crawford's passion for equipping students with this foundation, coupled with Legacy School's innovative teaching approach that emphasizes practical application and mentoring, enables students to fulfill their calling as Christian leaders and become God's legacy in the earth.

The program is 100% online, making it accessible to students from around the world. With a diverse student body, including many international students, Legacy School provides a flexible and convenient way to deepen your understanding of the Kingdom of God and your role in advancing it. Whether you're a pastor, ministry leader, or simply seeking to grow in your faith, Legacy School is an excellent choice for those looking to make a lasting impact on the world.

Practical Leadership

The school looks at familiar topics in a practical approach because of the 30+ years of experience and wisdom of Dr. Crawford in Apostolic, Prophetic, and world-wide mission work.

Mentorship through a Father's Perspective

A student does not just listen to lectures on topics, but will have a mentoring relationship with Dr. Crawford through weekly zoom calls for Q&A sessions. Classes are recorded videos organized in a course archive. So class can be taken at the student's convenience.

Access to The Ancient Library and Leadership Tools

Legacy School offers full paid course students exclusive access to the ancient library, a collection of books of antiquity, scrolls, and secret books that were never published by well-known ministers. This resource offers insights into the ancient ways of God, cultivating a deep appreciation for the wisdom of the ages. By utilizing this resource, students gain a deeper understanding of our past, preparing them for academic and personal success. Enroll in the full paid course at Legacy School today to gain access to this invaluable resource.

Community with other Students

Students will have community through a private facebook group where students will discuss teachings, revelations, and testimonies of God moving in their life through the teachings. Students can react and comment on classes as they watch in order to share experiences with each other in what they receive from God in class. 

Revelatory Teaching

Dr. Greg Crawford's teaching style is known for being deep, full, and revelatory. He has a unique ability to uncover hidden truths and origins of God, which enables his students to gain a more complete view of their faith. His classes are designed to reveal spiritual revelations and divine insights that are not always on the surface.

Dr. Greg Crawford's teaching style is not like any other. His classes are packed with insights and revelations that leave his students in awe. He has a way of explaining complex concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, making his teachings accessible to everyone.

Through his revelatory teaching style, Dr. Greg Crawford helps his students connect with The Father and develop a deeper understanding of the ancient ways of God. His classes are designed to help individuals develop a closer relationship with God and gain a more profound insight into the mysteries of faith.

Overall, Dr. Greg Crawford's deep full revelatory teaching style is a unique and powerful way to understand the mysteries of God. His classes are a must-attend for anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of their faith and develop a closer relationship with God.

Spiritual Father's Heart

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with the nurturing guidance of Apostle Greg, whose fathering heart shines through in our weekly mentoring Q&A sessions. His teachings are rooted in the profound principles of the fatherhood of God and His sovereignty, offering a deep understanding of your spiritual identity and potential.

The unseen force behind our discussions, mentoring, and relationship building is the vision for who you are to God and what you can become. This illuminating perspective passes down generationally, granting you an unmatched advantage by gaining priceless wisdom that will transform your life. Embrace this empowering opportunity and join us on this transformative path today.
  • Christian leadership training programs for personal growth and development
  • Equipping and mentoring based on biblical principles for spiritual and personal growth
  • Revelatory teaching rooted in the Christian faith for spiritual growth and understanding
  • Building strategic alliances with like-minded Christian individuals and organizations for mutual growth and collaboration
  • Awakening to one's true calling and destiny through Christian teachings and personal discovery.

Greg Crawford

(Spiritual Father, Revelatory Teacher, Apostle, Author)

Dr. Greg Crawford holds a PHD of Ministry which he received Magna Suma Cum Laude. He is ordained with Jim Hodges' Federation of Ministries and Churches International and is in relationship with several well know national voice.
Greg Crawford has been active in ministry for over 30 years serving in almost every type of leadership role. He is the founder of Jubilee International Ministries, which has birthed Jubilee School of Ministry an online school, Jubilee International School of Ministry which now has 105+ schools in developing nations graduating roughly 5,000 students yearly. He has also planted Jubilee Kingdom Gathering an apostolic church an currently oversees "The BASE" an apostolic kingdom Center in the state capital.
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Apostle Crawford or APG as he is know by, has traveled on numerous international trips, leading teams into nations conducting leadership conferences. He has worked in Cote D Vire, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, and Indonesia. He laid the ground work for the apostolic reformation in Nigeria and gives council to numerous ministries and leaders connected with Him.
Apostle Crawford has become a spiritual father to many and has a desire to see the generations running together as one voice. He has labored to see the Kingdom expression of reformation and awakening come by travels in Iowa and the United States to help bring this into existence. He is best known for his revelatory teaching style and has a unique and powerful ministry of laying on of hands for impartation. He carries a deep message that release the breath of God to confront the hearts of believers. This has opened the door for him to speak at many national conferences. The revelatory dynamic has enabled him to write many books, write close to 300 hours of ministry school classes, some taught by secular colleges. Currently he is overseeing The BASE, a ministry located in Des Moines to bring awakening and reformation to the church and culture. The forerunner ministry of the BASE has creative spontaneous worship created in the moment, gift and call devolvement, investment by spiritual fathering, and revelatory instruction with opportunity. The BASE holds state wide Awakening meetings every six weeks where people from across the state attend

At Legacy School Online, we provide top-quality online ministry leadership training that's focused on the five-fold ministry gifts and prophetic ministry training. Our Apostolic-Prophetic, biblical, Christ-centered, Kingdom leadership training school is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful leader in your ministry. We offer a comprehensive program that includes prophetic intercession, prophetic worship, prophetic evangelism, and prophetic mentoring. Our online courses enable you to receive advanced training in prophetic leadership, prophetic activation, and apostolic-prophetic ministry tools. Join our online prophetic school today and develop your prophetic anointing and leadership skills to fulfill your God-given purpose. Sign up now to access our online courses in prophetic ministry training and apostolic school of ministry.

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