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Legacy School
Christian Ministry Leadership Training

Legacy School is an advanced 1 year learning track full of tools and resources for leaders. This monthly subscription gives you access to the online school monthly webinars, and access to all archived classes and Apostle Greg's class notes. In addition it gives you access to all hard to find PDF books. These are classic authors, hard to find non canonized ancient manuscripts and leadership tools.

What's included?

  • Access to weekly classes that you can watch at your own pace. This is perfect for any schedule!
  • Leadership Principle Teachings weekly 
  • Live Q & A  Mentoring Zoom Calls weekly
  • Class Notes by Dr. Greg Crawford
  • PDF Leadership Books
  • PDF Leadership Tools
  • Over 30 PDF's Books of Classic Authors
  • Over 25 PDF's of Ancient Manuscripts to Weekly Video Classes
  • At the end of one year, students can take a final exam to recieve their Legacy School journal. 
  • After passing the final exam, students have the opportunity to apply for Hebron Guild.

What is School Like?

  • Every Sunday morning a new full length class is added to the course. Classes are pre-recorded so you can listen to class at any time in your schedule. There is no need to watch the day they are released.
  • Every Wednesday night is mentoring night! You will get an invitation for a LIVE Q&A session on a zoom call with Dr. Crawford and other students in the school to answer all of your questions from the class released that week, as well as any questions you have about Christian life, relationship with God, or in ministry. (7pm CT)
  • Every Thursday a new 15-20 minute leadership principal teaching is released to the course. Watch any time!
  • Students discuss the class together with revelations and comments how God spoke to them through the teaching in the student legacy school facebook group every week. Only paying students are permitted into the community group. 
Q&A is at 7pm (CT) Wednesday nights. 

1 Year Legacy Student Gift

After 1 full year of school, you will be gifted a Legacy Journal to honor you as a dedicated student and to encourage your continued learning as you go deeper into God. We will always be learning new depths of God.  CLICK HERE to see more info about the Legacy Journal.

Course contents

Classes Coming Soon...

Spiritual Warfare

  • Spiritual Warfare #1
  • Spiritual Warfare #2
  • Deliverance Ministry
We battle very real forces of darkness in our lives and ministries. Dr. Crawford has experience defeating demonic cults, standing against powerful witchdoctors in Nigeria, taking down corrupt leaders, and facing principalities head on. In this course category you will find equipping  for the foundations of true spiritual warfare on personal and regional levels.  

Sonship & Spiritual Fathering

  • The Life of Paul and Timothy #1
  • The Life of Paul and Timothy #2
  • The Life of Paul and Timothy #3
  • Apostolic Grace Vs Fathering Grace
  • Mantling of Sonship (session 1)
  • Mantling of Sonship (session 2)
You will experience a deeper level in your walk with God as a Son or Daughter through this course. Students often experience much healing of broken heartedness through these teachings coming from an anointed father. This course category will be where you'll learn about Jesus as a son to his heavenly father and how we relate to God the father in the same way. You'll learn about spiritual sonship and spiritual fathering. You'll learn how fathering comes into kingdom ministry in an authentic way vs a religious mindset. 

Realms of God and The Throne (Advanced)

  • Books of Heaven
  • Realms of the Son
  • Realms of the Father
  • Attributes of the Realms

Leadership Principle Classes

  • True Ministry comes from Overflow
  • Promotion comes by Humility, Teachable, Obedient
  • Choosing Those Faithful
  • Waiting To Feel Qualified
  • When God Calls, Your Preferences Don’t Matter
  • Lead People Is To Where You Are
  • Mandates
  • Don’t Take Accusations Personally
  • Fight Only Over Eternal Issues Not Temporal
  • Preach And Teach The Word
  • Don’t Lose Your Appreciation.
  • Don’t Point Out Problems With No Solutions
  • Pick People Based On Faithfulness
  • Fight For Freedom
  • Find The Flow Of A Service And Maintain It
  • Put Your Family First And Maintain Balance
  • Grieve In The Night To Be Effective In The Day
  • Try To Do Something By Faith Everyday
  • Do What Is At Hand
  • Maintain High Standards
  • Point People To Christ, Not Yourself
  • Preach What You Have A Revelation On
  • Those You Place In Authority Under You
  • Protect Your Spiritual Kids
  • Don’t Horde What God Has Freely Given
  • Hold Prophetic Words Before You Release Them
  • Don’t promote yourself
  • Take The Seat Of Humility
  • Wait In Meetings And Be Sure
  • Concluding Meetings
  • Defend The Integrity Of Those Following You
  • Cover Mistakes Of Your Sons And Daughters
  • Don’t Waste Time With The Unteachable
  • Honor Those Who Have Paid The Highest Price
  • Placing Yourself Last
  • Don’t Worry About Offerings
  • Have Vision For Those Under You

Apostolic Communitas vs Community

  • Apostolic Communitas (session 1)
  • Apostolic Communitas (session 2)
  • Apostolic Communitas (session 3)
  • Apostolic Communitas (session 4)
In this course, you will learn all about the original community of the early church, and the difference between community and communitas. You will be given the tools and understanding to bring the original form of community to your own gathering.

Ministry Leadership

  • Excellence in Ministry
  • Integrity in Ministry
  • Character Development
  • Leadership Forming
  • Leadership Process
  • Leadership Heart
Here you will discover what makes a true leader in the Kingdom of God and the tests required to form your character for pure work. You will find clarity, purpose, and comfort in the trials you face as you learn. You will be equipped with the understanding of how God forms you and the courage to stay the course and run your race.  

Apostolic (Advanced)

  • Five Fold Graces

Prophetic (Advanced)

Here you will learn about the 5-fold office of the Prophet as well as how to flow and function in prophetic gifting.

Foundations & Sound Doctrine

  • Translations
  • Metanoia
  • Great Faith
What we think we know is not always the pure truth and God is re-establishing the foundations with His original intentions.


  • Imprecatory Prayer #1
  • Imprecatory Prayer #2


  • Transitioning from Church to Kingdom

And MUCH More!

Legacy School is a LIVING school that is always expanding and growing in rich content. Not only will Dr. Crawford be teaching out of the experiences he continues to have in growing revelation and mission, but we will be inviting other teachers on board to build their life and legacy into students as well. 
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