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I wanted to tell you a little bit about Legacy School first because it might be just what you've been looking for to help you!



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What if ... you could have a mentor to help you step into your destiny?

Dr. Crawford started Legacy School as a way to mentor and train emerging leaders like you to fulfill the call of God. Legacy School is a 100% online, advanced 1 year learning track, with mentoring, tools, and resources for Christian ministry leaders.  Because Legacy School is an ONLINE school, you can get training from anywhere in the world! And with weekly zoom calls, you have the opportunity to be mentored as a student from anywhere in the world as well. It is a monthly subscription that gives you access to the online school classes, downloadable notes, and weekly Q&A mentoring days.

In addition it gives you access to hard to find PDF books, leadership documents/tests, and ancient manuscripts as a bonus to the 1 year of advanced doctorate level classes. By the end of one year, you will be equipped for taking leadership roles in your church and will have built a relationship with Dr. Crawford to move forward in functioning in your call.

You don't fit in a box! We don't do the 'cookie-cutter mold' here. We want to train you in YOUR UNIQUE DESIGN vs trying to form you for a specific role in ministry. Everyone is designed with a unique expression of how they will serve God and this school will help you be formed in that unique expression because we train you in the principals of leadership and God's Kingdom.  

  • Access to a year's worth of training
  • Leadership Principle Teachings
  • Live Q & A Mentoring Zoom Calls weekly
  • Class Notes by Dr. Greg Crawford
  • PDF Leadership Books
  • PDF Leadership Tools
  • Over 30 PDF's Books of Classic Authors
  • Over 25 PDF's of Ancient Manuscripts to Weekly
  • Video Classes
“My desire is that this school will bring a more authentic expression of Christianity to the earth”
    - Dr. Greg Crawford

Awaken Your Eternal Impact

Step into your Destiny.

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