Hebron Guild is an exclusive guild for leaders who have completed Legacy School, and want what comes next. It is a place for advanced leadership training, as well as the activation of that training. 
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Apostolic Alliance

Connect with like-minded leaders to work together to build God's Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven

Anywhere in
the world

Fully Online classes

80+ hours advanced Leadership Training

Dr. Crawford and other Respected Leaders

Advanced Leadership Training Classes

Education from more high level teachers with experience in a variety of ministries (Dr. Crawford, Jim Hodges, and more)

Includes Legacy School

Hebron Guild Members will continue to have access to all Legacy School Classes and Privilages included in their Hebron Subscription

Journal Pages/Worksheets

You will get downloadable Journal pages and worksheets to go with new teachings to help you process and apply every new leadership teaching to your ministry and spiritual life as a student

Weekly Mentoring

Weekly zoom mentoring call with Dr. Crawford focusing on specific leadership training for the week.

Opportunity for detailed Ministry Evaluation

You will have the opportunity for a detailed Ministry evaluation with Dr. Crawford with a one-on-one deep dive into everything you are currently doing in your ministry. Dr. Crawford gives his wisdom and encouragement to help you get to the next level and solve problems. The ministry evaluation is only available to Hebron Guild Members.
CLICK HERE to get all the information about ministry evaluations in detail. 

Leadership Opportunity

Those who are not yet functioning will be given opportunity and support they need to start a small group or ministry start-up tailor-made to their call.

Personal Mentoring

We will assign you to a mentor for like-ministry for once/month zoom meetings to help you in a more targeted and in-depth look at your specific function and leadership role. For example: small group leaders will be paired with a small group leader mentor, pastors with a pastor, etc.

Requirements to Apply:

  • Pass Legacy School Final Exam
  • Are either currently functioning as a leader (ministry, government, marketplace, or other opportunities where you lead people into Kingdom dynamics) or are willing to start functioning under Dr. Crawford's mentoring in starting a small group, bible study, or other form of ministry where you directly lead people that will be approved by Dr. Crawford.
  • A short letter of recommendation from your Pastor/Spiritual Leader
  • A Spiritual Resume
  • Spiritual gift test

    Definition of a leader:
    A leader is someone who has people following them - Kingdom principles apply to any leadership role. Teaching will lean more toward ministry leadership, but can be applied to any role. Mentoring with like-leadership roles will be more tailored to your specific leadership function 

How do I apply?

If you haven’t yet taken the Final Exam for Legacy School, download it here.
Download the application for Hebron HERE.
Gather your application materials into one email and send to info@legacyschoolonline.com

What to include in your application email:

  • Legacy School Final Exam (or your passing test score if you already passed)
  • Hebron Guild Application
  • Hebron Guild Essay
  • Please ask and instruct your pastor/spiritual leader to email their letter of recommendation for you to info@legacyschoolonline.com 
  • Spiritual Resume
  • The email you use to pay your application fee on paypal
  • Pay the application fee before you send your application email
You’ll pay for the application fee of $50 HERE 

Please note: There is no guarantee you will be accepted. Not everyone will be chosen for Hebron Guild, but even if you aren’t accepted now, you may try again at a later time. You will be given some feedback as to why you were not accepted to work on those areas before applying again. If you are not accepted, the application fee will not be refunded. The fee pays for all of the processing fees for the paperwork and also shows us who is really serious about joining. 

What our students say

Apostle Greg releases plumbline truths that establish deep within our spirits the Kingdompath to walk upon. His personal testimonies from his own journey and the applications of what he learned is so valuable. I have found myself in situations or conversations where the wisdom received was there to pull upon and apply from recent classes. These classes are not about gathering more note books of information that will possibly beplaced on a shelf. These are life transforming, emboldening, quickening and calling one higher and deeper. To never settle for anything less than what wewere destined to become and bring forth.It is an honor to be part of this school
Donna Milham
"After years of studying, receiving revelation, and experiencing the realms, Legacy School has given me such a clear depth of understanding to build upon and to take these things to a higher level.  I am better equipped to teach, father, and lead others into these realms and revelations."
Pastor Michael Harmon -
Community of Hope Church - Clinton, Iowa
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