Legacy School Affiliate Program

    We are excited to announce the Legacy School Affiliate program. The affiliate program is designed for you to be able to create income and help us get the word out on the school. As you help us, we will help you!

    How the affiliate program works is you become our promotion. We believe in what we are giving you has great value, and you are the best person to tell others. You can do this by your current relationships, small group settings, church or simply your friends. You can promote using social media, your website or any way you desire.  

    The fun of being an affiliate marketer is that you can get your friends to enroll with you and go through school together. The benefit to you is that you get compensated for promoting the school. If you get enough people signed you can actually go through the school at no cost!  

   If you sign as an affiliate our affiliate dashboard will be added to your student portal. This dashboard will keep track of everything for you. It tracks those who enroll under you and the commissions to be paid. It even tells you when the payment was made. You just need to be sure your enrollment information for payment is correct.   So how does it all work? Simply refer someone to the school. As they mention your name it is connected to you as an affiliate. When they sign up you will see it in your dashboard. As long as they are enrolled you will receive your commission.  

You can put your affiliate link on your website, and drive web traffic to our products. You can post it yourself right on a page or blog post of your site. The more relevant the content of the post or page to the content of our course, the better chance you get of people clicking through the link. 
How will your affiliate link work? The affiliate link will point to our homepage, and it will have a parameter appended to it. The parameter (which is your unique affiliate ID) passes data to our affiliate management system so that the system knows where the traffic came from and can attribute the right commission to you.

   Commissions are mailed out, direct deposited or online transferred. They will be paid out for each student paying full price for the school. This does not include international students who receive a discounted school price. Commissions are 10% per student. The first commission is paid after the new student has enrolled for 30 days. Commissions are not paid on course packages purchased.  

   We at Legacy School believe we have an exceptional package to offer a deep revelatory spiritual learning experience. We feel you are the best advertisement for that. Thanks for joining our affiliate program and helping us advance the cause of Christ by further training emerging generations.

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