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I have never received such a depth of revelation and truth from a school that led me to dig deeper into God's word and deeper into intimacy with the Holy Spirit. This is more than a school, it is a corporate gleaning of the breath of God. Thank you Apostle Greg for all of the hours of study, preparation, and tedious work disseminating the very breath of God.
- Pastor Michael Harmon
The Legacy School is a real connecting point for those seeking for the Kingdom of God and learning how to hear God and receive revelation. Dr Crawford has been given divine downloads to establish and teach the ancient path of taking authority as a Kingdom Son/Daughter of the Most High God. Legacy School is a refreshing word for the hungry and the thirsty! Blessed and Thankful to be a working member of this company who are growing and expanding the tent poles of the Ekklesia!
- Connie Gregory
Legacy school makes me think deeper and deeper. The revelation is incredible and challenges you in your everyday life.We must become the word
- Pastor Cheryl Harmon

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At Legacy School Online, we provide top-quality online ministry leadership training that's focused on the five-fold ministry gifts and prophetic ministry training. Our Apostolic-Prophetic, biblical, Christ-centered, Kingdom leadership training school is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful leader in your ministry. We offer a comprehensive program that includes prophetic intercession, prophetic worship, prophetic evangelism, and prophetic mentoring. Our online courses enable you to receive advanced training in prophetic leadership, prophetic activation, and apostolic-prophetic ministry tools. Join our online prophetic school today and develop your prophetic anointing and leadership skills to fulfill your God-given purpose. Sign up now to access our online courses in prophetic ministry training and apostolic school of ministry.

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